Not driven in a while? Need to get confident and back on the road?

Just passed but still a little unsure about certain aspects of your driving?

Bought a car and need to gain more confidence in your own car

Then this refresher course is perfect for you

We offer courses structured to your needs


Our course provides:

* Town driving

* Parking

* Dual carriageways

* Any other areas you need to brush up on?


“Having not driven for over 10 years, I was very apprehensive about getting behind the wheel of a car again. From the very start, Sunny instilled confidence in me and helped me overcome the fear and sense of foreboding that had built up over time. Sunny is a calm and patient instructor and shares a great deal of knowledge and experience – he not only taught me how to drive a car again, but how to be a confident and safe driver, and navigate London roads as they are today. Over the course of four 2-hour lessons we covered everything I needed to get me back on the road, which I’m now loving. The additional 3-hour motorway lesson, taken in the car that I bought was invaluable, and in addition, Sunny gave me a lot of insight and advice about driving this particular car. Ten out of ten for Sunny – thank you so much, I cannot recommend you more highly.”

– Annette, Set Design and Still Life Styling


Our most popular course covers the following modules:

– Car and its controls, including turning left and right (2hrs)

– Town driving in busy areas dealing with all other road users like buses, cars. Lorries, Cyclist (2hrs)

– High-speed driving on dual carriageways, learning how to overtake safely joining and leaving via slip roads (2hrs)

6-hour bundle cost: £250.00

(Can be covered over 3/5/7 days)

Additional optional pass plus motorway lesson £100.00 Total 2 hours

Get in touch today if you want to become a more confident and safer driver