“Sunny has been great from day one.

Patient and thorough, with plenty of little tricks that helped me reach the goal.
He was supportive and gave me time to learn from and correct my own mistakes. He really tried hard and succeeded in finding a great time for my practical test, which made it easier quite smooth for me.

All in all, Sunny is a pretty safe bet, providing that as he says – you do what he teaches you to, you should be fine.

Thanks a million Sunny and good luck to you and your future trainees.”

Shop Keeper

“I was referred to sunny by word of mouth and I’m so glad I was told about him. I had a driving instructor at the time who was very critical and my confidence in my ability to learn how to drive was very low, with sunny I noticed he was very positive and encouraging from the get go, he was very invested in my progress and would create weekly learning plans based on the things I needed to work on, sunny is a great teacher who also helps you build confidence in your own ability, he is always positive, on time, works flexibly to suit your needs and is truly passionate about what he does, you will not regret asking sunny to teach you. The most important thing about choosing sunny to be your instructor is that he is an extremely skilled driver and teaches you the key techniques to being a competent and safe driver.”

Swabra A
Personal Assistant

“Hello, hello; and where do I start? I was told about Sunny by 3 friends who passed with him last year, they told me he was the best instructor on the planet; boy were they right! He taught me in 5 days the skills to pass my test; the best thing that has happened to me this year; no need for me to wait around for the stupid slow London transport system anymore, thanks to Sunny. I wish you all the best with the school that rules.

Nursery Worker

“I had failed a few times with another school, and the waiting for long test dates seemed too painful, I was put in touch with Sunny. Passed my test in 3 days after meeting him. I can now leave my boring job and get on the road… I am over the moon!!”

Shop Assistant

“The best instructor I have ever had, with easy to understand methods of learning, and a pass in 1 week!!! I will be passing his number around.”


“A massive thank you to sunny for getting me to pass my test in a matter of 5 days, this guy is the best”


“Sunny very quickly improved my confidence and competence such that I was beyond test-ready within a week. Definitely recommended to say the least.”


“I’ve had countless lessons and could see that I was losing a lot of money in the process. I found it difficult to believe that I could pass my driving test within 7 days. I did one search on Google and found (NAME HERE) driving school. I got in contact with Sunny, had an assessment on Monday and Sunny accurately told me how many hours I needed and the cost. I learnt more in an hour’s assessment than I did in my countless lessons! Sunny was straight to the point and honest. I started on WEDNESDAY AND TOOK MY TEST ON TUESDAY AND PASSED FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Sunny is what I call a qualified and passionate instructor. He is great to work with and firm and he programs your mind to think about what you are doing on the road and how it will affect others. Trust me, Sunny trains you not only to pass, but to be a successful and skilful driver. If you do what he teaches, you will pass.”

Boating Sound Engineer

“I just received my full license in the post. Sunny is a great instructor; professional, engaging and knows exactly what to focus on for the exam. I booked an assessment day to evaluate my level (as I knew how to drive in South America) but it was time to get a full UK licence. Sunny identified my weak areas straight away found the best way to make me aware of them and how to correct them. His teaching style is relaxed and straight to the point with additional visual aids and practical examples. He takes things with a pinch of humour and helps you reason out of the trickiest situations. I got my licence in 10 days on my first try and I felt over prepared for the day.”

Website developer

“I had already failed my test once and spent too many hours and too much money with a different driving instructor. That’s when I came to Sunny and signed up to his specialist intensive driving course. I started on a Saturday and passed by the following Wednesday – after only 4 days! Sunny is the TOP DOG of driving instructors: he is calm and patient but also honest and direct. There is no messing around with Sunny – he is straight and to the point and can identify your main driving issues within a matter of minutes. Sunny aims to help you pass and will do what it takes to get there. If you’ve already got some driving experience, and you aim to pass as quickly as possible, Sunny is your man. Thank you Sunny!”

Knowledge Manager